Introduction to Electric Boats

     Imagine yourself out on a quiet lake, enjoying the tranquility, while still making good headway, thanks to the virtually silent electric motor pushing your boat across the water. Imaging boating:

  •   without trips to the marina for fuel,
  •   without lugging gas cans (and oil) to the boat,
  •   without cantankerous, hard-to-start engines,
  •   without annual tune-ups or winterization.

     What's left? Only the pleasures of boating in classic design and quality craftsmanship, no engine noise, no fumes, and no environmental impact. Electric-powered boats have been around for over 100 years, but are considered the next great thing in boating. With the increase in fuel costs, many are turning to power outlets instead of fuel docks. The Arkansas Electric Boat Company of Hot Springs, Arkansas - your exclusive dealer of Duffy Electric Boats -- is helping to make this transition possible in the Mid-South. Duffy Boats has been developing electric boats in Newport Beach, California for over 30 years. Starting with a golf cart engine in his runabout, Marshall "Duffy" Duffield's electric cruisers now number almost 1500 in Newport Beach, an area of water smaller than Desoto Lake in Hot Springs Village. The reason for this popularity of Duffy's is simple; they bring all the benefits of boating to the consumer in one simple, efficient and hassle-free package. Duffy's are being enjoyed in the waters of the Pacific Northwest, the Adirondacks, and the inland waterways of the East coast and Florida. One of the great benefits of electric boating is that it is environmentally friendly. Marine engines are a major source of environmental damage, according to the US EPA. Duffy Electric Boats are completely pollution free; there are no air or water emissions to pollute the environment.


    How do they work?

    In short, Trojan 6v T-105 deep cycle marine batteries power a 48V Power Plus Advanced DC motor - a cylinder the size of a large loaf of bread. The motor is the only moving part, with a belt drive turning the drive shaft to the composite propeller. The Duffy Electric Boats are equipped with a Smart Charger, allowing you to simply plug the boat into a 110 outlet to recharge the batteries in a matter of hours. In 30 years, Duffy has learned a tremendous amount... how people use their boats, what elements require sophistication in their design and which require simplicity. It is with this simple, efficient, and low-maintenance approach, which has made Duffy the world leader in electric cruising.

    Listen as an electric boat passes by. The sound you hear is silence. If you don't watch as the key is turned, you would not know the boat is on. This is the reason electric boating has been coined "sailing without the work". The silence, along with the fantastic ease of use, allows electric boating to appeal to boaters of all types. Duffy offers a broad range of boats, designed to meet a variety of boating styles. Whether you choose the Duffy Sport Cat for its tremendous fishing and swimming layout, or a Duffy Classic for deluxe entertaining, there is a size and style in the Duffy fleet for every boat enthusiast. With the average cost to use an electric boat at $.50 an hour, electric boating is an extremely cost effective option for getting out and enjoying the many bodies of water in Arkansas and the surrounding states. Duffy Electric Boats are perfect everywhere, from Lake Hamilton to Lake Balboa. A surrey top, window enclosures, and optional heating, make the Duffy Boat perfect for even the coldest, and rainiest days. Enjoy and entertain on the lake all year!

    Electric boating; it's been around for a hundred years, but it's the next great thing in boating. Give it a try and you will be wondering what took you so long.

    Give Arkansas Electric Boat Company a call at 501-767-2353 or, in Hot Springs Village, call Jerry Dawson at 501-538-5137. Enjoy a demonstration ride on your lake. Read more about Duffy Boats at


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